Big and Fancy House Will Rise on American Street in Northern Liberties

Years ago, Anthony Travia came before NLNA with plans to build a large home at 956 N. American St., a vacant lot near Liberty Lands Park. Looking at the group’s minutes from back in 2009, it seems that the community didn’t support the project because it didn’t have the required open space in the rear. Instead of open space, the owner elected for parking in the rear of the street-to-street property, which is usually a feature that this neighborhood endorses.

Now it’s 2013 and the home still has not been built. But that’s about to change. Earlier this year, Raphael Bousquet purchased the lot for $268K and we recently spotted a foundation here, indicating that construction should soon be underway (if it isn’t already, we were there over a week ago).

The foundation

According to the listing, the home had approved zoning and building plans, and soil tests and engineering were completed at the site before the sale. Plans for the home includes 4 master bedrooms, two parking spots, 4,500 sqft of living space, and an additional 1,500 sqft in the basement. That is a whole lot of house. Goes to show what you can do with a 20’x101′ lot, though we probably would have subdivided the thing into two lots and built two large homes instead of one giant one. While this place will be among the largest homes in the neighborhood, it should fit in on the block, which is already pretty fancy.

Across the street
Metal-clad homes next door

Hopefully, the construction of this home will inspire the folks who own the lot immediately to the north to do something as well. The same LLC has owned the lot since 2005, and we would say it’s about time for redevelopment.

Develop this one next. Or sell it!

We’ll check back here in a few months to see just how this monstrous house is shaping up.