Another Big Project Planned for Front Street?

In the last couple of years, we've regularly found ourselves surprised at the amount of development on Front Street in Northern Liberties. A ton of new apartments are part of an adaptive reuse at the Penn Treaty Village Pennthouses. The 900 block has nineteen new homes in various states of construction, with more on the way. And just recently, we told you about four new homes under construction at the corner of Front & Fairmount. Today, we look immediately to the north of that project.

Vacant lots north of construction

On the other side of Olive Street

We should note, before we go any further, that we've heard no formal announcement of any project at 708-16 Front St. as of yet. And it's quite likely that what we're about to share will change dramatically before it gets in the ground, if it ever does. But it's clear from looking at a couple of sources that something is brewing. On the L&I Map, we can see that a couple of lot consolidations here, ostensibly in preparation for a large project from V2 Properties. More specifics come from the KJO Architecture site, which has renderings of a possible project for this site.

Overhead view

Looking toward Fairmount

We count twenty-three homes in three rows. Two rows of homes would fall south of Olive Street, with a drive-aisle to allow for parking. The third row would go up just north of Olive Street, where we suspect we'd find garage-front homes. Architecturally, we like 'em and we particularly dig the pergolas planned for the roofs.

Clearly, this would be a huge deal and these homes would add to the momentum on the once-forgotten Front Street. But again, we caution, this project is clearly still in the early stages of planning, and will probably change significantly before it's built. If it's ever built that is. But we're gonna hope that it happens, 'cause that's what we do.