Addition For a Garage on a Little Northern Liberties Block

In Northern Liberties, there are a handful of lesser known blocks, sometimes cutting diagonal through more recognizable streets. As has been the case on their more prominent sister blocks, we've likewise been seeing consistent development on smaller blocks the past few years. 

The Northern Liberties Neighbors Association recently supported plans from developer Chris Sincavage to convert an old garage at 950 N. Leithgow St. into three-story residential (something we've seen lots of nearby in Fishtown) by renovating the existing building and constructing two floors on top. The ZBA gave their approval last week.

Looking up Leithgow St.

Closer look at the property

The block is one of those alley-sized ones that's been filled in with new residential homes the past few years. You can see on the right side of the image above, some homes that have arrived on the scene quite recently. Looking south on the block, we see some other projects that have appeared over the last number of years.

Other recent projects nearby

There's been so much, and there is much more building planned around here, that we'll just have to choose only a few select projects to share. Around the corner, 5th & Poplar has been transformed. Where once stood a warehouse on the corner, now stands a string of townhomes. There's another bunch of them along North 5th Street as well. And, in mid-July, we shared plans for 40 new units to replace another warehouse on the same block. Closer, we shared news back in the fall about four new homes wrapping up in a project on the 1000 block of N. Leithgow Street. All good stuff. But we're still wondering what's happening on the 800 block of N. Leithgow, a block that's seen tons of new construction that's come at the expense of the street itself. Has the City done anything about it yet?