Glendi, from Opa!

Opa, located at 123 S. Broad St., will be hosting “Glendi” every Thursday night this summer. You may ask, “What is Glendi?” Well, first and foremost, it’s a Greek word meaning “party.” Aside from that, Garden Wellington-Logan of Noel Zayas Events (the producers of Glendi), tells us that Opa will be having a party event Thursday night this summer- some nights will be huge parties that overtake the street and other nights will be quiet parties inside the restaurant, featuring drink specials. Two weeks ago, at the premier event, they closed down Sansom between 13th and Broad and put on a live fashion show (local boutiques and designers were showcased). The vision for Glendi is to feature fashion, music, art, and photography in a social setting, so we can expect incorporation of these elements most weeks. Opa opened in February of this year and has quickly become a new Midtown Village hotspot, known for its impressive design and its evocation of the modern spirit of Greece.

Tonight will be a more laid back Glendi, but you can expect some fireworks as the summer moves along. Events like these are great as they really help to get some buzz going in Midtown Village and give the people something to do before heading to Avalon for the weekend. Or something like that. You can stay up to date on upcoming Glendi’s via their website.