Three years ago, we wondered about a shed on the 1200 block of Fitzwater Street, next door to the Hawthorne Lofts. The condo building next door, remember, was once a school that was converted into low-income housing in the 1980s. The Rufo Company converted the property into market-rate condos a few years back, and the aforementioned shed came along with the building.

In the past

Last year, the shed was demolished, eliminating the possibility of a restaurant conversion some neighbors were hoping for. We didn't know what was coming, as finding building permits were (and still are!) challenging with our usual channels. Over the last several months, construction has progressed at the site, so we figured it would be a good time for an update.

New structures are framed

According to permits on the site (and not anywhere on the L&I Map), Rufo is building three triplexes. We aren't clear on whether they'll be rentals or condos but given the condo building next door we'd bet on condos. And while the new units won't have the personality of those in the repurposed building next door, people are always gaga over new construction (and tax abatements) so we would predict higher sale prices than have been seen at Hawthorne Lofts.

For those who remember this area from before the MLK towers came down, all of this is pretty amazing stuff.