Vineyards at 16 a Go After All at 16th & Ogden

Over the summer, while running through a collection of development updates in Francisville, we briefly turned our attention to a long-vacant lot on the southeast corner of 16th & Ogden which was finally seeing progress with the construction of a single triplex after a much larger development had apparently stalled out. We knew that years ago, The Vineyards at 16 had been planned for this location, but the project never coalesced. We figured that the triplex under construction wasn’t related to a larger development. But we were wrong.

Passing by the corner last week, we discovered that the triplex is framed out and two more buildings are under construction. And more are coming soon.

Looking up 16th Street
View from the north shows more lots to be developed

According to the developer, the project will move forward and include twenty-four apartment units (not sure if they’ll be rentals or condos) and two commercial spaces. The architect for the project is Morrisey Design, the same guys that put together the plans for the ill-fated Apple Lofts in West Philly. Looking at the rendering below, we believe the project should transform this corner.

Certainly an improvement over a giant vacant lot

When all is said and done, this project will include the construction of six new buildings. Three are under construction currently (as you can see above), another will break ground next month, and the remaining buildings will go up soon after. We’ll be interested to track the progress of this development in the months to come, and we’ll be particularly interested to see what kind of retail tenants they’re able to attract.

But perhaps most importantly, we’ll be fascinated to see whether this development and others in the area are finally able to completely turn around the still-mostly-vacant 1600 block of Ogden Street.

Across the street. It's improving but still has a long way to go.

We’d wager it will.