Two Slightly Overbuilt Homes Underway Next to Spring Arts Condos

Last Fall, we brought the Spring Arts Condos to your attention, at the corner of 12th and Green Streets, across the street from the Institute. These four new construction units have not sold as of yet, and are still listed for sale, priced between $275K and $285K. When we first told you about these buildings, we also mentioned two new buildings on the way around the corner on Green Street.

Spring Arts Condos, a little blurry

1129 Green St. was presented in October at the ZBA for the construction of a single family home. 1131 Green St. was presented as a triplex. In the last few months, construction has started at this site, and it’s not the kind of three-story construction that we’re accustomed to seeing.


Sure, homes were built out of bricks for hundreds of years in Philadelphia, but most three story new construction we see about town these days is stick construction with brick facing. Is there a reason that these builders would have chosen to go with cinderblocks? Clearly, this building will hold up better in a hurricane than the Spring Arts Condos next door, but was that really necessary?

Curious construction methods aside, these new buildings are yet another addition to the rapidly developing Spring Arts area. Hopefully, the cinderblock structure will look like a desirable place to live once the developers are finished doing their thing.