Two New Homes Rising on Little Capitol Street

We last visited little Capitol Street back in July, when we told you about a completed project on the 700 block, along with an in-progress project and a coming soon project on the 800 block. We were back on the 800 block earlier this week thanks to a tip from a reader, and spotted two new homes under construction. Previously, two two-story homes stood at 811-13 Capitol St.

In the past
Recent shot

The northern building is owned by Emerald Properties, which purchased the property earlier this year. Cormac Mcaleer owns the southern one, having bought it back in 2012. We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that though the ownership names differ, the developer is the same. In fact, it seems awfully likely.

Meanwhile, just to the south, a disaster of a building can be found on the corner of Capitol and Brown. Milan LLC purchased 764 N Capitol St. earlier this year, and are currently engaged in adding another story to the building. According to an old listing, the building has been approved for three condos. One would imagine the property will look a little better once the renovation is complete.

Should soon look better

With large and small projects alike, Francisville keeps chugging along. And with Fairmount Avenue just a quick jog from here, it really is no surprise.