Like the rest of Francisville, the 1800 block of Ginnodo Street has seriously changed in the last several years. For the uninitiated, this little street runs for a single block, diagonally, between 19th Street and Ridge Avenue. Famously, the Francisville Farmers Market building, long demolished, once sat at the corner of Ridge & Ginnodo.

Back in 2009, the block looked like this.

In the past

You can see, a few projects have changed the block in a major way.

Current view

The biggest project on this block was a ten home development, visible on the right side in the picture above. All the homes were built by the same developer, who opted for to change some heights and materials over the course of the project. From what we can tell, all of these homes sold over the last few years for between $375K and $450K. And they're about to get a pair of new neighbors.

Row of homes that have arrived in recent years

Two new foundations

Looking at the permits, it appears as though two new homes will soon join the row. Like the neighboring homes, they'll have garages in the rear. We imagine they'll sell quickly, even though there's a vacant lot next door.

Vacancy at the end of the block, from Google Maps

A number of parties own the lots on the right with one of them being the City, so we're not optimistic that they'll get redeveloped soon. As for the parcel on the left, there was a proposal for a mixed-use building on the ZBA agenda earlier this year, but then the project was withdrawn. We'd imagine that a revised project will come down the pike for this location sooner than later, with some kind of mixed-use the likely outcome. With that in mind, we suspect we'll be visiting this block again in the near future.