Three Duplexes Coming to 15th Street in Francisville

15th Street in Francisville has seen all kinds of changes over the last few years, with numerous vacant lots turning over as developers have built new homes and apartment buildings. But there's still plenty of vacant land remaining, so opportunities remain for additional construction. About half a year ago, we told you about two projects on the boards at the north and south eastern corners of 15th & Parrish. If you visit this intersection today though, you'll see that neither project has gotten off the ground as of yet. Soon enough.

Planned project hasn't happened yet on the northeast corner

Ditto on the southeast corner

Just to the north of the intersection, we happened upon some zoning notices at 839-43 N. 15th St., some of the aforementioned remaining vacant lots in the neighborhood. Per the signs, developers are looking to build 3 duplexes here which we imagine will be sold off as condos. This is assuming, of course, that the ZBA gives their blessing.

Some zoning notices

You can see in the photo above that there's an unexpectedly tall building looming in the distance, the the corner of 15th & Ogden. Remember, we told you about this project earlier this year and now it appears to be getting close to the finish line. And while we're at Ogden Street we should also mention that there's one lonely house now under construction on the 1400 block, swimming in a sea of vacancy.

Corner of 15th & Ogden

A lonely building under construction on the 1400 block of Ogden St.

But fear not, developers have been buying up land on this block and soon enough we'll surely see additional development here. The renovation of the Metropolitan Opera House will certainly help in this regard, and we're hearing that it's moving forward, albeit slowly.