Retail Space for Rent on Fairmount Avenue

On Fairmount Avenue near 18th Street, we’re wondering if this charming and homey almost Swiss chalet color themed ground-floor corner retail spot at 1811 Fairmount Ave. might attract the eyes of an aspiring entrepreneur in light of the widespread development along neighboring blocks up and down Fairmount Avenue the past few years. Looking back at an old image from Google Maps, it’s clear the owner has made cosmetic improvements and polishings to the retail exterior of late. The site is waiting to be animated like a cartoon toy on the shelf.

In the past

The other day

Nearby building and plans for more projects makes us think this retail spot could be an attractive location for a successful local business, depending on area needs. Most recently, a four-story mixed-use building was constructed on a long-time vacant lot at the northeast corner of 19th & Fairmount. That project, which covered up a Noam Chomsky mural, features Tela's Market & Kitchen on the ground floor. There are also plans to transform the art deco building down the street at 17th into apartments and the Project H.O.M.E. development at Ridge & Fairmount is about built. Up in Francisville, new residents are appearing almost weekly, with new projects starting and finished more quickly than we can even keep track.

So it seems like there will be enough new customers to patronize a business at this location. The question is what sort of spot does the neighborhood need. Since Tela's is so close by, we can say with certainty that a market ain’t it. Any suggestions, kind readers?