Projects Planned For Two More Francisville Corners

Perhaps inspired by our story about a new five-story building under construction on the southeast corner of 15th & Ogden, a reader tipped us off this weekend about more development coming soon at 15th & Parrish. We feel a little silly dragging you here just a few days after we covered a project half a block away, but that's exactly what we're doing. Sorry about that.

SE corner of 15th & Parrish

The southeast corner of 15th & Parrish is currently a vacant lot, but a four-story building stood here until fairly recently. Developers bought the property last summer for $300K. According to an old listing, the building housed Jimmy's Take Out Restaurant at some point but it was apparently in poor condition prior to its demolition. It's a shame, as it had some pretty nice looking bones.

View at the SE corner in the past

In place of this building, permits call for a new structure with six apartments. We'd guess that it'll either rise five stories like its near-neighbor on Ogden Street, or perhaps it will only go up four stories. It's safe to assume that the new building will have a much more contemporary look than the building it's replacing.

NE corner, you see the Ogden Street project in the background

Right across the street, on the northeast corner, there are no concerns about what a new project will replace because 833-37 N. 15th St. has sat vacant for many years. The permits aren't entirely clear about what's planned here, but we'd expect another apartment building, maybe with a lower unit count than the building planned across the street. The permits do indicate that the building will only rise up to 38', so the developers are apparently leaving some permitted height on the table.

With these two projects soon getting underway, it seems likelier that we'll see additional infill on 15th Street and the 1400 block of Ogden Street. As we mentioned previously, this would seem to go hand in glove with the planned renovation of the Met just a block away.