Poplar Street Quadplexes, Now With Renderings!

Last week, we noted that developers had demolished an old building at 1624 Poplar St. and were planning a row of quadplexes in its place. In case you don't remember the visuals, allow us to jog your memory.

In the past

View from last week

Noting our story and wishing to add some additional detail, JKRP Architects, the design professionals working on the project, reached out to us. They sent along some renderings that give us an idea of what we can expect once construction starts moving forward in earnest. Check 'em out:

Project rendering

Rear rendering

Something that caught our attention right away is that the drawings show five buildings, not the four buildings described in the plans. When we told you about the project last week, we noted with curiosity that the developers were subdividing the property into five lots but were only proposing four quadplexes, and we speculated that they were holding off on a fifth building because of the westernmost lot's proximity to the adjacent 160 year old building. Seeing the renderings, we're more confident that a fifth building is on the way, and now suspect that the delay might simply relate to the fact that the design for the final building will differ from its neighbors, as it will sit on a wider lot.

In terms of design, these new buildings will have a very contemporary look to them, similar to some of the buildings we've seen built nearby on Ridge Avenue in the last year or two. This is a sharp contrast from the building that stood here previously, but that's not a surprise given modern trends in residential design. If history is any indication, some readers will lament the new design and wish for something that hearkens back to the look of building that's been demolished. We wonder, will future generations look at the homes of today with the same wistful gaze that we consider the homes of yesteryear? We're generally lousy when it comes to predictions, so we'll leave it to you to ponder.