Plans for the Last Two Lots at 19th & Poplar

Over the years, we've been passing along news about various changes at or near the intersection of 19th & Poplar. It's almost impossible to keep track of all the new buildings that have sprung up, but a couple of lots have remained on the southeast corner. In recent years, those lots have contained an artistic 'Francisville' sign and a Zagar-ified tree. Now, a couple of zoning notices have also appeared on the site.

Recent shot

Developers have owned the parcel since 2010, but new owners stepped in last summer. Soon, they'll appear before the ZBA with plans for two duplexes, joining the relatively new duplexes immediately right next door. It will be a shame to see this little artsy nook disappear, but if we're to be honest with ourselves it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen.

Looking up 19th Street, progress on another project

We last visited this intersection in March when we discovered four foundations on 19th Street, half a block to the north. Today, four triplexes have risen from the ground and brickwork is underway. This parcel, in contrast to the corner with the sign and tree, was a mess for many years. So nothing sad about this parcel turning over.

Looking south

The new duplexes at the corner will have a fine view of the large development, now a couple years old, just to the south of the intersection. Taking all of these projects together, this immediate area has, incredibly, seen over sixty new units in the last few years. And at least four more should soon be on the way.