Overgrown Lot Tamed as New Home Comes to Francisville

For quite awhile, 1825 Vineyard St. has been an overgrown lot at the end of a Francisville block. Nearby, a staggering amount of development has taken place in recent years, centered around the intersection of 19th & Poplar. Dozens of new units have sprouted up, replacing vacant land, blighted buildings, and even a church, bringing new vibrancy to the area. The largest of these projects is a 35-unit development from MJL Properties that finished up last year.

This is one of the biggest projects in the neighborhood to date

So it should come as no surprise to hear about one-off projects taking off near all of this development. Such is the case at 1825 Vineyard St., where an overgrown vacant lot will soon be replaced by a new home.

In the past

Trees are gone, now there's a hole in the ground

The parcel was purchased last summer for just under $82K by Concord Business Management PA LLC, a developer based in central Jersey. According to permits, they're building a single family home here, even though apartments would be permitted by right. The same developer bought another lot in the neighborhood last year, on the 1400 block of Poplar Street. We would have to imagine that they'll be looking to develop the other parcel sometime soon, though it doesn't look like any permits have been pulled as of yet.

Still, it's great to see yet another vacant lot disappear in this neighborhood. Though it's experienced impressive improvement in the last couple of years, Francisville still has a ways to go, with a couple of large vacant lots remaining and Ridge Avenue in need of significant reinvestment. As we've said in the past, we think that this is the year that the momentum really picks up on Ridge. So grab your popcorn folks, it should be very interesting to watch as the months roll by.