When we last checked in on the 800 block of Opal Street in January, two new homes separated by a garage had just been framed out. In case you’ve forgotten, these homes were designed by David Traub Architects and were inspired by the Schmidt’s carriage house a couple of blocks away on Cambridge Street. A reader checked in recently and suggested we come back to Opal Street to check on the progress of the homes.

Looking south

Closer look

As you can see, the new homes are sheathed, with some exterior work still remaining. We’d guess that the interiors are getting finished at this time, and that they should be done in the next couple of months. One of the homes, 875 N Opal St., is currently listed for sale at just shy of $390K. The home is a little smaller than we expected, though perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised given the fact that it sits on a 38′ lot. The listing touts a 1,500 sqft home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and two roof terraces. The shallow depth of the lot necessitates a unique floorplan, which we will hopefully be able to check out in person before a new buyer moves in.

For Sale signs indicate that more development is coming next door?

Meanwhile, just to the south, we spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign on one of the many vacant lots on the block. We were hopeful that this would mean that some more homes would soon be coming to this little street, which also includes the wonderful little Ogden Park. Doing a little digging, we discovered that the lot in question sold a couple of months ago for $35K, but along with sharing the depth challenges with the homes mentioned above, it also suffers a width challenge, measuring only 12′ wide. With City agencies owning many of the other parcels on the block, it’s entirely possible that these folks will be able to purchase an adjacent lot or two and build some nice new homes. But that could take some time, assuming that the local Councilperson would support such a purchase.

Nevertheless, we’ll keep an eye on this block, and come back to the project one more time once it finishes up. Whether we’ll find some construction as well will just have to be a surprise we’ll wait to discover when the time comes.