A reader tipped us off the other day that a foundation has appeared at a long vacant lot at the southwest corner of Uber & Brown. This corner has been vacant for quite some time, and we understand a single family home will soon be rising here.

New foundation

The parcel was purchased back in 2009 by Boris Grinberg, who has tried to sell it for $100K in the past couple of years. No idea whether Grinberg is the one building the home, or whether he’s sold it to someone and the transaction just hasn’t shown up in public record. Whether it’s him or somebody else, it’s certainly good news to see that this lot is being filled in.

And it doesn’t come as any kind of surprise, considering all the development that’s taken place or is yet to come within a block or two of here. You may recall, a new home was built catty corner to this spot over the course of this year, essentially eliminating Winding Roses Park. Notice, it seems the new owner is moving in.

New home across the street

And at the end of the block, on the corner of 19th & Brown, four new triplexes are still in the works, and it looks like ground testing took place recently. Or else there’s some mysterious individual piling bricks and debris on this site.

Triplexes are coming

But these infill projects are just part of the story in Francisville. We must also remind you of the large projects that have been finished around here in the last couple of years. Like the mixed-use building at Uber & Fairmount. Or the building at 19th & Fairmount, where Tela’s just opened a couple of days ago. And let’s not forget the multiple projects surrounding the huge one at 19th & Poplar.

With projects large and small, Francisville is continuing to move forward. And the good news is, it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of things slowing down here any time soon.