New Duplexes Finishing Up On 20th Street in Francisville

When we last checked in on the 700 block of N. 20th Street in Francisville, developers were demolishing a blighted and vacant property, formerly of the PHA, and accidentally damaged the roof of the liquor store on Fairmount Avenue. Since then, the developers have finished the demolition job and built a new duplex in the place of the old building. Oh, and the liquor store reopened a few days later.

Back in March
Last week. Yeah we know it's blurry but you get the idea.

The developers for this project, 20th Street Properties LLC, are also responsible for two other new construction projects on this block, both of which also replaced vacant PHA homes. We told you about these projects earlier this year as well. Both 725 and 735 N. 20th St. seem to be finished, with buyers for the condos paying mid-$300K sums for the units. The fact that these buildings sit on super-deep lots has enabled the builders to provide parking in front. While this feature fits in with some surrounding homes, it’s pretty much the only way that the new buildings blend in.

Looking north
Closer look
725 N. 20th St. with 713 N. 20th St. in the distance

As you can see, the preexisting three story homes on the block come all the way up to the property line, while the newly constructed three story homes are set back, like the one and two story homes on the block. While we’re not generally big believers in architectural uniformity, this block is kind of a mess due to the varying sizes and locations of the homes. We’re not sure how it can be fixed at this point, though. Any ideas?