New Building Just About Finished at 19th & Fairmount

For years, a large vacant lot could be found on the northeast corner of 19th & Fairmount, accompanied by a mural featuring Noam Chomsky. A little less than a year ago, construction began on a new mixed-use building that would feature a large commercial space, fifteen rental apartments, and seven onsite parking spaces. For many months, a construction fence and large construction vehicles complicated traffic on 19th Street. Passing by this corner earlier this week, we were pleased to discover the fence is gone and the building is nearly complete.

In the past
Recent shot

Less than two months ago, we gave you some more information about the expected tenant for the spaceTela’s Market and Kitchen. They will be selling grocery items, locally grown produce, sandwiches, soups, salads, and coffee for sit-down and take-out. Chef Chad Williams spent several years working at different Jose Garces restaurants. We peeked in the windows, and we would imagine that this place will be opening its doors in the next week or so- the space looks really nice, as this photo from their Facebook page indicates.

A look inside of Tela's Market & Kitchen

Once Tela’s opens, we’ll definitely be checking out Fairmount Avenue’s newest addition for ourselves. And we suggest you do the same. Ah, Fairmount Avenue, you seem to get better every couple of months….