Multiple Projects At Different Stages Near 16th Street in Francisville

Dodging the raindrops (with mixed results) yesterday, we spotted three different projects within a block of each other in Francisville. The three each come from different developers, and are all at different stages of completion. Let’s start with the homes closest to being finished, which we’ve already told you about once before.

Duplexes on Ogden

Citi Properties LLC is constructing two duplexes on the somewhat desolate 1600 block of Ogden Street. Along with 1619 and 1611 Ogden St., this developer also owns 1607 Ogden St., though they haven’t pulled permits to build there as of yet. Hopefully, the construction of the two buildings pictured above will mark the beginning of the redevelopment of this block.

Another duplex has appeared a block away

Meanwhile, at 825 N 16th St., we spotted another duplex that was recently framed out. Federal Investments LLC purchased this property, which has been vacant for years, earlier this year. Like the properties on Ogden Street, it’s also on a block with a good chunk of vacant land, whether you consider the 1500 block of Ridge or the 1500 block of Parrish as the block it occupies. And as we hoped that the first project would spur more development on Ogden Street, we likewise hope that the construction spreads out from this property, in either or both directions.

New formwork, just to the north

Years ago, there were plans for 16th Street between Parrish and Ogden to build The Vineyards at 16, a green project with twenty-four condo units. The only hint of that project in recent years has been a lonely foundation at the edge of an overgrown lot. And while it seems that the Vineyards project is dead, new formwork at 843 N 16th St. gives us the indication that this stretch of lots could finally be getting built. Permits indicate plans for a triplex at this location, and additional study of the L&I Map reveals recent permits pulled for three other parcels on this block.

No doubt, Francisville has seen quite a bit of residential development in recent years. Nevertheless, it still has a rather large supply of vacant land, especially surrounding Ridge Avenue. But with developments like those described above, the supply of vacant land should start to shrink and the neighborhood’s population should continue to rise. And with that, we should expect to see more businesses sprout up on Ridge Avenue and the neighborhood becoming an even better place to live.