Modern Buildings Appear on Wylie Street, More Construction Next Door

This past winter, we told you about plans to demolish a two-story garage at 1817 Wylie St., a plan that was on its face a good thing. With all of the residential development that's taken place throughout the area in recent years, the garage simply didn't fit into the fabric of the neighborhood moving forward. On the other hand, the building boasted a fun graffitti-mural that we always enjoyed, so it was a bummer to lose that bit of street art. But alas, in changing neighborhoods that kind of thing is gonna happen.

In the past

Going by this address today, not even a year later, you'll find two new buildings from MJL Properties, each of which contains four units. At one of the buildings, three of the units have sold and it looks like the last one could soon have a buyer too. For the second building, three units are available for sale and one is under agreement. While it's true that these buildings don't blend in with the older buildings in the area, we're into the contemporary look.

Looking toward 19th Street

New buildings plus foundations

You can see, there are some new foundations next door. This is actually a different developer, but they're taking a similar approach. Immediately next door at 1819-21 Wylie St., a six-unit building will soon rise, though we wonder why the developer isn't going for the two extra units like MJL did. At the corner, the lot is a little smaller, so they're "only" building a single family home. So if you're doing the math, at some point in the future, this little stretch will have gone from a garage and four vacant lots to fifteen new residences. Kind of microcosm for all of Francisville if you ask us.