A couple of readers have reached out to us in the last couple days to let us know that construction has gotten started on a small mixed-use project at 907 Leland St. in Francisville. If you were paying attention when we last covered this property back in September, you'll know that Leland is a one of several streets that run exclusively through this neighborhood, with Leland starting and stopping between Francis and Ginnodo Streets. Here's the visual aid that we used last time, for those folks that aren't terribly familiar with Francisville.

This is the parcel

As you can see in the stormwater map image up above, the property in question is a Tetris-shaped vacant lot which sits behind a row of relatively new homes on Ginnodo Street and next to an oddly shaped parcel with frontage on Ridge Avenue. The last time we were here, we told you that developers were planning a small apartment building at 907 Leland St. with five units and parking in the back. We don't know why that plan had been continued a few times at the ZBA, but we do know that the developers ultimately changed their tune, opting for a by-right mixed-use building instead.

The plans indicate that they'll build a four-story building with a small retail space on the first floor and six apartments above. The project will also include eight parking spaces, with seven of those spaces occupying ground-floor space. All of the parking will be accessed via the drive-aisle that's used by the homes on Ginnodo Street. This cooperation between the developers and the homeowners on Ginnodo is great to see, and makes for a better project for the community. That being said, we have no idea what kind of business will take over that retail space on the first floor, especially considering the number of new retail spaces on Ridge Avenue. Perhaps it'll eventually revert to residential if and when the developers can't find a tenant.

Construction getting started

Posted sign has a rendering

View of the property from Ridge Ave.

This parcel should be next on the list

As we told you several months ago, the same developers that are building the project on Leland Street also own 1810 Ridge Ave., pictured above. That parcel has been sitting empty for many years, the last remnant of the property that was originally home to the Ridge Avenue Farmers Market. We have to think that once the Leland Street project gets further along, we'll hear about plans for this parcel as well, which would make all kinds of sense given the recent surge of development along Ridge Avenue. With the Leland Street project serving as an appetizer, a project at 1810 Ridge Ave. could be a delicious main course. Now… what's for dessert?