Jazz in Francisville Will Give Folks a Chance to Meet Their Neighbors

A couple of weeks ago, an article in the Daily News attempted to tackle the tensions that have arisen in Francisville with the number of new residents that have arrived in the neighborhood in recent years. And it’s with an eye toward attempting to defuse some of those tensions that several groups are collaborating on a Jazz concert series on the first Friday of every month between August and November. The first concert is tonight.

Site of the concerts

Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC), Fairmount Community Development
Corporation (FCDC)
, the Arts Garage, Avenue of the Arts, and the Clef Club Collaboration Orchestra are all behind the Jazz @ the Market concert series which will take place at the Francisville Farmers Market on the 1900 block of Fairmount Avenue. The free concerts will not only offer people a chance to enjoy some sweet jazz music, but they will also come with the explicit purpose of connecting people to their neighbors, new and old.

This development across the street might be one of those signs of gentrification that article was talking about

According to a press release, staff working at the event will wear shirts that say “Make a New Friend Tonight.” The show’s intermission will include a “meet your neighbors” exercise, encouraging people to speak to others that they might not otherwise take the opportunity to meet. And those efforts aside, an event like that brings neighbors together into the same space to enjoy the same thing is a net positive for the sense of community in Francisville.

Hopefully, attendees will take the advice on the t-shirts and make some new friends tonight. The music starts at 6:30pm, perhaps we’ll see you there?