Garage Conversion on Little Cameron Street

We've seen so many changes in Francisville in the last few years, with quite a bit of development centered around 19th & Poplar. A mere block away from this transformed intersection, we came upon a little infill project that's currently getting way more sunlight than it deserves. Previously, 843-45 Cameron St. was a double-wide garage on a narrow street. The street remains the same; the property, not so much.

In the past

Now under construction

According to permits, the developers, MJL Properties, have added a story (duh), and will use the property for four apartments. This conversion makes perfect sense, as residential demand has grown in Francisville, especially closer to the Fairmount border.

Looking at the photo above, you'll notice a huge vacant lot in the foreground. This is surely convenient for the developers, as it gives their trucks and dumpster ample room to stretch out. It will likewise be lovely for the people who eventually move into these units, who will get an above-average amount of natural light thanks to the lack of homes across the street. It's not as great for the neighborhood. We've actually covered this lot on a few previous occasions.

Giant vacant lot

In case you don't recall, the office of Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) selected the Hankin Group to build sixty-nine townhomes on this lot back in 2009. Since the the City sold them this giant lot for a paltry $900K, it has remained vacant. According to a couple of commenters, the developers have been waiting for the neighborhood to develop further. Guys, it seems like the time has come. And if they're no longer interested, we imagine there'd be a line of developers around the block to take the property off their hands for at least double the original purchase price.