Garage Coming Down Near Vacant Francisville Corner

A couple years back, Michael Loonstyn of MJL Properties built a rather significant project on 19th Street, on a triangular chunk of land between Perkiomen and Vineyard Streets. And just the other week, we told you about ongoing work from this same developer to convert a garage on Cameron Street into four apartments. If our reading of public record is accurate, it seems these guys don't like moving very far when they take on new projects.

Fence around the garage

At 1817 Wylie St., right around the corner from the apartment conversion on Cameron Street, we recently spied a fence around an old two story garage. This building, you can see, has an interesting mural graffitti combo going on. But it's on its way to demolition, as it was purchased by Lofts on Vineyard LLC last year, along with the adjacent property. This company's address tracks back to the aforementioned 35-unit development, leading us to believe it's another MJL project. According to permits, they will be building two quadplexes in place of the garage and the vacant lot to its right in the photo above.

The lots next door, image from Google Maps

As you can see, there's three more lots on the other side of the garage. These parcels also have permits for new construction, which were pulled last May. Those properties last changed hands in 2009, according to public record, so either the developer was simply sitting on them and waiting for the right opportunity or there's been a sale that's not reflected for some reason. Whoever will do the building, we're just pleased to see more vacant lots vanish in Francisville.

Of course, this brings us again to the vacant lot nearby that's been owned by the Hankin Group since 2009. C'mon Hankin Group, wethinks the time is right! The neighborhood can handle sixty-nine more homes! Once that project finally gets moving, the largest lot in the neighborhood will finally disappear. Not a moment too soon, we suspect, if you ask the folks in the neighborhood and the other developers building nearby.