Framing Underway for a Big Project on Ridge Avenue

When we looked at a bunch of properties under construction on the 1600 block of Ridge Avenue two weeks back, we somehow missed another project that's finally moving forward.

It was way back in April of 2013 that we first told you about plans for 1608 Ridge Ave., for many years a vacant lot. At that time, we were expecting a four-story building with twelve apartments and a community center on the first floor, operated by the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation. A year and a half later we checked back in and work had not yet gotten started here. But the plans were changed. Out was the community center, in was a commercial use to be determined at a later date. Also, the unit count increased to fourteen.
Work is now moving forward at the site and has been for a few months.

Some steel and an elevator tower

An old rendering that may or may not still apply

According to newer permits, the commercial space will contain a restaurant that includes the sale of consumer goods. So maybe a convenience store that makes sandwiches, like a Palm Tree Market? This would certainly be a welcome addition.

Speaking of welcome additions, we're still looking forward to seeing construction get started next door.

View down Ridge Ave.

Remember, we told you the former supermarket at the corner will get demolished and replaced by a building with three retail spaces and twenty-eight apartments. But it seems construction still hasn't gotten started here, despite the project being in the works for at least a year. With the project moving forward next door and multiple other mixed-use buildings progressing just up the block, we imagine it won't be long until work get moving here too. In all, the combination of new residents and upcoming businesses is wonderful news for Ridge Avenue, which finally seems to be turning a corner. With every major new project, Francisville is becoming an even more attractive place to live.