Another One Bites the Dust on 20th Street North of Fairmount

We've been all over three similar projects on 20th Street just north of Fairmount Avenue in the last couple of years. Three buildings, long owned by PHA and long blighted, got torn down and replaced by duplexes. It was with a bit of sadness that we watched these buildings come down, as they were among the few originals on the block. Most of the properties here were built in the late 1970s or early 1980s set back far from the street, and sold as affordable housing. A noble cause with tragically bad execution.

East side of the block

While the three projects so far on the block replaced demolished hundred-plus-year-old homes, the newest one is replacing a home that's only been around for a few decades. This creates an unusual situation, as the newer homes are built on very wide lots. 731 N. 20th St. was not a particularly good looking building when it was still with us, but now it's gone and there's a new building under construction in its place.

In the past

Now under construction

As you can see, there's a completed duplex that's replaced a formerly blighted building. And in the place of the most recently demolished building on the block, a quadplex is in the works. Love or hate the new building, it will surely represent an improvement over the structure it's replacing. And if we had to wager, we would guess that this isn't the last quadplex we'll see arrive on this block. Once more neighbors realize that there's a real opportunity to cash out, we can picture many of them selling to the highest bidder. And there's plenty of bidders lining up, we're sure of that.