A Lonely Triplex Under Construction in Francisville

We got a tip the other day about some new construction on the 800 block of N. 15th Street. Because it's what we do, we decided we'd check it out, remembering a couple of other projects on this block that we'd covered in the past. When we visited the site, we did indeed discover a new building getting framed out at 823 N. 15th St.

Framed out with vacancy on both sides

Developers purchased the parcel at the end of last year and got zoning approval for a four story triplex in April. Will the units be rentals? Condos? Who knows.

Taking a few steps back, you can see that the triplex is going up in a sea of vacant land. There's four vacant lots to the south and another five to the north. Across the street, it's basically a soccer pitch.

Looking down 15th St.

Perhaps you're thinking about the rampant redevelopment Francisville has experienced over the last several years and wondering how so many lots could be sitting vacant in this area. Perhaps if you read this here blog with any regularity, you can guess why there so many vacant lots on this block. Yes folks, the Redevelopment Authority owns thirteen parcels on this block, all of them vacant lots. The developers, who also own the lot immediately to the south of the building that's under construction, purchased the two lots that mysteriously remained in private hands for the last fifteen years. And it's a good thing, too. Because who knows when the rest of these parcels will get redeveloped? We only hope we live to see the day.