Arrow Shaped Property Available Near Passyunk Avenue

We got an email the other day from CBRE, advertising a property for sale or lease near Passyunk Avenue. This property, 1324 Mifflin St., has a very unusual shape, but you wouldn’t necessarily never expect¬†this by looking at it from the street.

View on Mifflin Street
Looking into the property
Look at this thing

So yeah, that’s… different. There’s a three story building on Mifflin Street, but most of the first floor is a driveway that leads to a large warehouse. For whatever reason, there’s always been a building of some kind in the large empty space behind the homes with frontage on Mifflin Street, Juniper Street, and Passyunk Avenue. Once upon a time, this space, which covers roughly 5,000 sqft of land, was used as a stable. That has obviously fallen out of favor, and it’s been used more recently as a garage, and the 2nd floor space has been used to manufacture cabinets and as a banquet hall.

Developers bought this property earlier this year, paying $450K. Now, these new owners have retained CBRE to either find a new buyer (surely at an inflated price) or attract a tenant that would be able to successfully use the space and pay a reasonable rent. The listing offers numerous possibilities, including boutique hotel, speakeasy, daycare, private club, and corporate headquarters. Oddly, they didn’t think to recommend the space as a good place to manufacture cabinets.

So close to Passyunk Ave.

Many¬†uses could surely work for this space, given its location just steps away from Passyunk Avenue. We have to think that an active nighttime use would probably face some serious pushback from the community, as the main building is surrounded by homes on all sides. Nevertheless, we’re confident that some business that’s looking for proximity to a commercial corridor but also values a location that’s a little hidden will eventually jump on this space. What kind of business that would be though, we confess we can’t think of at the moment. What do you think would make sense at this address?