Lots of new businesses opening on Washington Avenue lately, outside of the usual building supply companies that have ruled the street for decades. Naked Philly has the latest news about Kermit Bake Shop opening in the coming months on the 2200 block of Washington Ave., which will give residents and contractors alike a new spot to buy pizza, bread, and cake by the slice. This in conjunction with the new Cafe L’Aube that opened last month on the 2000 block, there appears to be a bit of a corridor emerging on Washington Avenue.

As Point Breeze has slowly come up, new and old residents alike have had relatively few new amenities arrive in recent years. Sure, the new OCF Cafe at 20th and Federal along with the American Sardine Bar at 18th and Federal are a start, but this community desperately needs more places to go and things to do. Could Washington Avenue be a place for more amenities to come in, like the new bake shop, or is this just a one-off thing? Either way, people who live in the neighborhood will be grateful for the new addition, and we’ll just have to hope that more are on the way in the future.