Watch out vacant Fairmount homes and lots, your freewheeling days of no responsibilities are numbered. If things go as envisioned by folks at the Fairmount Community Development Corporation, it won’t be long (maybe a year or two) before your boarded-up wild days are over and you become a respectable well-dressed fair market value home. A recent FCDC Request for Proposals seeks developers with a proven positive track record of building middle- or market-rate, mixed and low-income housing interested in acquiring properties to purchase, renovate and sell in conjunction with FCDC. Exact details will be determined once a firm is selected sometime this summer. The partnership will result in the creation of a new LLC, with both groups receiving a percentage of annuities generated by the sales. Spurred by a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development initiative that authorized the Philadelphia Housing Authority to dispose of scattered properties, the project focuses on 10 abandoned PHA homes from the 2700 to the 3000 block of Cambridge Street, and 18 vacant PHA lots on the 2700 block of West George Street,  just north of Poplar Avenue. Last month, members of the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations met with PHA officials to discuss neighborhood plans about the sale of 954 potential PHA properties, according to FCDC executive director Rebecca Johnson. “They want to make sure the properties are sold for viable projects,” says Johnson. “Not for someone to buy and sit on for a few years.” Equity earned from the development will help FCDC carry out future projects. We’re pleased to see the city take steps to catalyze development of unsightly properties through civic groups that represent neighbors’ interests. —-Lou Mancinelli