With the unbelievable number of student housing developments going on in the area surrounding Temple University, it was only a matter of time before a project clearly targeting Temple students crossed Girard Avenue into Francisville. And after getting zoning approval last month, it seems that a sixteen-unit student housing development is on the way for four currently vacant lots at 900 N 16th St.

The corner

Closer look

Trinity Realty partners initially proposed four new buildings, each with five apartments and roof decks. Looking at the plans that we were able to get our mitts on, it seems that they revised their proposal to four apartments in each building. Seven parking spaces will be included in the project, accessed via a common easement in the rear of the buildings. Take a look at these elevations drawings, from Harman Deutsch.

Welcome students!

The buildings will each contain three 3-bedroom apartments and one 2-bedroom apartment. Our two cents is that this seems like a little too much density for this location. True, there’s a ton of vacant land within a block of this corner, but that doesn’t mean that developers need to cram as many units as possible into this development. Three units in each building would have probably sufficed, and would have led to more desirable interior floor plans as well.

On the plus side, it’s good to see vacant land in this part of the neighborhood redeveloped so close to Girard Avenue. Considering that a few of the lots were (and maybe still are) owned by PHA as well as North Philadelphia Health, we’re not entirely sure how the developers were able to cobble together the lots that this project encompasses, but we’re guessing they won’t be revealing their secrets any time soon.

We’ll keep you updated as the project moves along…