Way back in January, we told you about 4006-10 Baring St., three triplexes plus a commercial space planned for a West Philly block that’s seen a ton of new development in recent years. With most of that construction coming at the hands of developers Errol McAlinden and Gerard Regan, it was no shock for us to learn that they were behind this project as well.

In January

While nothing much was happening at this site for the past eight months, we were in the area the other day and noticed that foundations have finally been poured. And by a happy coincidence, we happened to run into the builders, even though it was around seven in the morning.

The other day

According to McAlinden & Regan, the homes will be framed out in the next couple of months, and should be completed by the end of the year. While the timing is not ideal for properties intended to be student housing, the developers are hopeful that they’ll get a couple of stragglers in the winter, and will have the places fully rented in the summer time. Foolishly, we neglected to ask them about the proposed restaurant for the corner, but we’d imagine that (almost) any new commercial concept will be embraced by students and long-time residents alike.

Meanwhile, just across the street, we noticed some dirt had been moved around sometime in the recent past. Looks like the restaurant can look forward to even more customers in about a year…

Some more buildings are on the horizon