There's a triangular parcel that's created by the intersections of Germantown Avenue, Pollard Street, and Front Street/I-95 that's been seeing some serious development activity over the last year or so. We actually told you about plans for 1007-1013 Germantown Ave. a couple years back, when the property was sitting vacant, aside from a two-story home which has since been demolished. If you check in on the property today, you can see that some units have seemingly been completed while others are still under construction.

New construction

When property owner Paul Stokely presented his plans for three homes and two duplexes to NLNA at the end of 2013, he indicated that he and his daughters would occupy the homes and the duplexes would be offered as rentals. We have to imagine that this is exactly what happened, as the new homes aren't listed for sale, and public record has no indication that they've changed hands. Once the duplexes are wrapped up, we'd guess they'll be listed for rent, and might we suggest a property management company?

Warehouse across the street

Across the street from this new development is an old warehouse that looks like it's in pretty awful shape. It's gotten some violations for its condition and the owners are seemingly working to at least make it safe. Does anyone know if it's in active use, and if so, what it's used for? We wonder whether the construction across the street along with the newer homes around the corner on New Market Street might inspire the owners the sell this parcel, or even redevelop it themselves.

Swim club and the Piazza are just to the north

After all, this would be a fine place to live! While it's pinned down some by the looming I-95, there are certainly some nice things in the other direction. Monarch Philadelphia, the newly accessible version of North Shore Swim Club, is just steps away. Take a few more steps and you'll find yourself at the Piazza, which might not have the same shine as it did a decade ago but is still one of the cooler private/public spaces in Philadelphia.