The last few days have been agonizingly hot to the point that leaving an air conditioned home, office, or car quickly seemed like a sweaty bad idea. Today, the skies are a little gray and we've seen a little rain fall, but we're finally getting a respite from the high temperatures. Seems like a good excuse to make your way to Baltimore Avenue to enjoy the annual Dollar Stroll, no?

4900 block of Baltimore Ave.

This event, from the good people at University City District, is exactly what it sounds like it is.

1) Take a walk on Baltimore Avenue.

2) Stop into one of your favorite businesses along the corridor.

3) Get some tasty treat or useful item for a buck.

4) Repeat until stuffed, exhausted, or both

Mariposa will have banana whips and cookies

Pretty much all of the expected suspects will be participating in the Stroll, including the above-pictured Mariposa, Dock Street Brewery (offering small beers and pint glasses), and Green Line Cafe (hot dogs, carrot dogs, iced coffee, and iced tea). Plus there's gonna be food trucks, and live music, and general awesomeness all over.

Firehouse bicycles (they'll have patch kits), next to Dock Street

The Stroll runs from 5:30 until 8:30 tonight, between 43rd and 51st Streets on Baltimore Avenue. So go on, get out of the house. Eat a hot dog. Enjoy the cooler temps and the good stuff that can be found on West Philly's best corridor. Because another heat wave is on the way, we can feel it.