Over the winter, we told you about plans for the construction of thirty new homes at 1108 N. Front St., the site of a warehouse fire a year ago. The warehouse, owned by Tower Investments, was a blighted property that was horrible to look at and must have been even worse to live near. It stretched from Front Street to Hope Street, the location of half of the H3 Homes, a project which tremendously improved the feel of the 1100 block of Hope Street.

Hope Street in January

Returning to this block six months later, things are looking a little different. Though we confess we didn’t count, we can tell you that over half of the thirty homes involved in this project have been framed out and sheathed. From what we understand, JKR Partners did the design work for the project as they did for the homes across the street. Looking at the NLNA meeting minutes from earlier this year, the project will also include two-story buildings on Front Street which will have retail offerings. Perhaps those will be part of a second phase, since we don’t seem ’em yet.

Current view of Hope Street, from a little farther back. Quite a difference

Closer look at the new homes, looking south this time.

View from Front Street. More units to come soon, we would have to imagine.

Considering what this property looked like before the fire, the vacant lot that was here for several months was already a significant improvement. Hopefully, the project will achieve success in terms of the homes that have already been built, and more importantly with what’s to come on Front Street. Once that part of the project gets underway, we’ll be sure to pass along an update, along with some new photos of the homes on Hope Street.