A few weeks ago, we told you about 225 Carpenter St., a new construction residential property in Queen Village that was utilizing questionable materials in the cladding of its facade. Additionally, the builders were apparently building too tall, and without proper permits.

In 2009

End of November

A reader checked in the other day and gave us the heads up that the siding was being removed. We checked in today and found that all of the siding was, indeed, gone.

No more siding. Looks naked.

According to the L&I website, the violations, first issued during the summer, have been sent along to court. Does anyone who lives on this block have any further information on what’s going on here? Did the builders remove the siding by choice, or were they compelled to do so by L&I? Or due to the tremendous pressure brought upon them by a little ol’ blog? Okay, probably not the latter.

Next door showing some progress

Meanwhile, the building next door, which was facade-less as of the end of November, has a brand new front on it. Perhaps once all the violations are sorted out, the developers of the corner property will take a cue from the home next door and opt for a brick facade.

In fact, we’d be willing to bet that’s exactly what’s going to happen in the end.