Last summer, we wondered about 2417 Brown St., a blighted property in the Fairmount neighborhood. A former VFW Post, the building was an important fixture for army vets over several decades. From what we understand, however, it’s been vacant for about twenty years.

But today we bring good news about this property- it appears to be undergoing renovation! Or at least interior demolition, thus far.

Dumpster out front

Looking at public record, the property is still owned by John Deluca, as it has been since 1948. It’s possible that the property has been sold to a new owner, but it hasn’t been recorded yet by OPA. It’s also possible that someone has invoked Act 135, becoming a conservator of the property and possessing rights to renovated and sell it. You may recall, we told you all about this a few months back in describing the efforts of Scioli Turco in South Philly.

Closer look shows a worker removing a trash can full of debris

We glanced at the L&I Map, and noticed that a couple of permits have been pulled for this property, including interior demolition, roof replacement, and use as a single-family home with a garage. The use permit has an owner address in Lafayette Hill, but no name unfortunately.

Then again, for people who live in area, who cares who’s renovating this property and whether they purchased it or are conservators? The property has been a nuisance for near neighbors for years, and soon enough it will be occupied by new residents. We’re hopeful that some of the original interior details are preserved, and we’re likewise interested to take a peek inside once the renovations are complete. We’ll see if we can get in there in the coming months and if we can, we’ll certainly share what we find.