Finally, a reason to love triangles comes to Philly. We haven’t liked this shape since it bested us in Mrs. Bryant’s geometry class back in middle-school, but we are willing to give it second chance today at Plazapalooza: A Celebration of Spring at the Grays Ferry Triangles.

The event, held between South and 23rd Streets, will run from 1-7pm. Live music from the likes of Paper Monster, The Absinthe Drinkers (foxes have always been wary of the Green Fairy) and Minas will be showcased alongside beers from Grace Tavern, and deals and promotions will be offered from local businesses.

Although we like any reason to get out and celebrate in Philly’s streets, we especially care for celebrations like this that are looking to make serious progress in boosting the quality of our lives and neighborhoods through real estate improvements. The event organizers are hoping to bring awareness to the community as to the benefits of utilizing the triangles and have a little fun while doing so.