With around 90 flavors, chocolate cones and Oreo cake to treat your dessert needs in this clothes-stickin’ heat, Philly Flavors at 2004 Fairmont Avenue is expanding this season to include seating next door at 2006 Fairmount Avenue, the former location of the Wine School. Come mid-July, about 25 new seats and new four-tiered cakes like chocolate mousse and tiramisu, which could turn into new ice cream flavors, will be part of our favorite homemade water ice, ice cream, frozen custard and cake place to challenge brain freeze to an afternoon bout (they’ve got water ice flavors from sour cotton candy to banana in regular and low-fat and they make it all daily, all year-round).

Two years ago, owner Damon Andreacchio opened a second location at 343 S. 13 Street between Spruce and Pine Streets and now he’s looking to grab more spots in University City or Midtown and to create stability in his stores and consistency in his flavors while his business grows. This summer Andreacchio’s gone to technology and installed a computer system he hopes will speed things up and organize the flow of customers (1,000 a day on a good day). His Fairmount store is packed with people lined outside the door, especially this time of year when kids get out of school. Come July, it’ll be busier and that additional seating inside and out will be needed.

Cheers to the Philly Flavors squad on their ability to make a homemade locally owned store grow in its original location and expand across town. It’s got to be a good sign for local business when a frozen snack locale can sustain itself enough for a decade, let alone stay open year-round while running other locations. —Lou Mancinelli