Our last visit to 13th & South came over the summer, when we checked in on some construction on the southeast corner. At that time, the Residence at Twelve40 from PRDC Properties had been framed out and nine of the eleven condo units were under agreement. And work was just getting underway immediately to the south on five ultra-high-end homes, a project called Bedford Place.

Now, just a few months later, construction has progressed on South Street and all of the units at Twelve40 have sold, though we still don't know what's happening with the retail space. On Kater Street, framing is underway for the homes and a few are apparently under agreement. Considering that this lot sat vacant for so many years, this is obviously phenomenal news.

The two projects on the southeast corner of 13th & South

In the photo above, you can see there's a sign for Sansom Street Kabob House. The restaurant recently opened, taking over a space that was empty for quite some time. The most recent tenant, a tattoo place, closed several years ago. But the building's bones were great, and now the new business has cleaned up both the retail space and the building's facade.

In the past

Current view

We first told you that the restaurant was coming to this location almost exactly a year ago after they closed their business on the 1500 block of Sansom Street. That space was partially underground, so having this much street frontage is a great step forward for the restaurant. We took a peek inside, and the interior has a Middle Eastern theme, and there's an elevated seating area for a large group that wants to sit on pillows on the floor. The prices are pretty reasonable and it's BYO, so we imagine we'll be hitting them up for lunch and dinner in the near future. The best/worst thing about the place is the name- it made perfect sense for their old location but now it's pretty confusing if you don't know the history. And maybe if you're a search engine, too.