We're generally peeved about large vacant lots in prominent locations. Broad & Washington (two lots!) drives us nuts. We're annoyed about the large triangular lot at 19th & Wylie in Francisville. And the vacant lot at 13th & South has raised our ire for years.

The lot

But ah, when those lots get developed does it ever feel good. That's why we were so excited to share the news earlier this year that new owners, PRDC Properties, had stepped in with plans to finally redevelop the parcel. We shared a rendering from Interface Studio back in June, but the visuals have changed some. So here we go.

Mixed use on South Street

Duplexes on Kater Street

In case you've forgotten (or never knew in the first place), this project will mean eleven new condo units on South Street, floating above a retail space on the first floor. It's being called the Residence at Twelve40. According to the project website, 2 bed/2 bath units with 2,000 sqft of space will start at $349K. Among the eleven units, there will be eight parking spots accessed via a drive aisle on 13th Street. The southern portion of the project, which is now called Katertown, will involve ten condo units, each with a parking space accessed from the same drive aisle as the South Street project. 2 bed/2.5 bath units are starting at $599K, so the thinking goes that these units will be far fancier than their northern brothers.

With zoning approval and signs now on the site, it seems like it's only a matter of time before this project gets in the ground. And then we'll have one less prominent vacant lot to grouse about. But don't worry folks, there's still plenty more complaining to do.