Today, we’re extremely excited and proud to launch the Naked Philly Map, Version 1.0.

To access the map, click on the new button in the upper right hand corner of our homepage.

Clicking through should bring you to…

Just a segment of the map

Using the map and the toggles above it, you’ll be able to search for properties to buy or rent in Philadelphia. As you change your criteria and float over different areas of the map, pop up boxes will reflect average prices in different neighborhoods based on your search. In our opinion, most people looking to buy or rent a place make their decision based on which neighborhood they want to live in. We aim to help make that decision as informed as possible because the perfect house in an imperfect neighborhood becomes an imperfect house.

The idea of the map is to add context to the blog. The idea of the blog is to add substance to the map. We believe that this new tool will make things easier for everyone seeking real estate information, but please be aware that we’re actively seeking feedback. We’re trying to do something different here and will only be able to do it better with your help.

Thanks for reading, and happy searching!

Nb: We’re not really trying to take over the world.

Or are we?