The 700 block of N. 19th St. is slowly going through a major change. We've actually visited this block a few times previously, bringing the construction of a duplex to your attention in 2012 and again last year. Of course, the construction of a couple of duplexes isn't typically so notable, but when all the other properties on the block are only one story tall, it becomes a bit more of a story. As a bit of a refresher, PHA built a bunch of homes on the block in the 1980s, and let's just thank our lucky stars that architectural standards have evolved in the decades since.

Looking south on 19th St., we see a two-year-old duplex in the distance

At 742 N. 19th St., just two doors down from the most recent construction on the block, we recently spied a demolition notice, indicating that the block will soon see some more change.

Demolition notice

Year-old duplex two doors down

According to the L&I Website, this time plans are calling for a six-unit building, not a duplex as was the case with the previous projects on the block. The southern duplex was built as a home for the developer with a rental unit attached. The duplex pictured above at 738 N. 19th St. was built as a condo building, and both units are sold and occupied. We'd guess that the six-unit project coming soon will be a straight rental property, though condos aren't totally out of the question.

With two homes replaced and another soon to be demolished on this block, the hodgepodge is getting worse. While this is certainly jarring to the eye in the present, it's a sensible step toward the future. We weren't in Francisville thirty years ago when one-story homes made sense, but they don't seem terribly appropriate for this location anymore. We would wager that in the coming years, this block will continue to see redevelopment until eventually all of the one story homes are replaced by taller multi-unit structures. Between now and then though, the block is gonna look weirder and weirder.