Last week, we updated you on the progress of three developments on the 800 block of N. Lawrence St., and noted that there were still other projects in that area that we would cover soon. Well today we have some info on one such project, located at 829-35 N. Leithgow St., right behind a five-unit building that’s still being framed out.

In the distance

Closer look

These homes are currently listed for sale (though one is apparently sold, if the sign posted in the photo above is to be believed) at a price of $649K. According to the listing, they have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths over 2,400 sqft of living space. Each home has a garage, as well as a rooftop deck that’s accessed via the owner’s suite on the third floor. At 20′ wide, the homes offer unusual width as compared to the standard Philly home, though we’d guess that they’re also on the shallow side, given the small block that they’re being built on.

Coming soon

Rendering from an angle that probably doesn't exist in real life

Especially with the privacy afforded by the disappearing and reappearing Leithgow Street, we imagine that these homes will sell relatively quickly. Taking the new homes into account, along with the five-unit building across the street and the Duck Flats project at the southern end, this block has experienced tremendous positive change in a very short period of time. Which makes it all the more amazing that less than two years ago, there was actually a tree growing out of the middle of this street.

We weren't kidding. The new homes we just told you about are right next to the now-departed tree.

Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.