In this smartphoney era, we use Google Maps all the time, and not just because Apple Maps is crap and Mapquest isn't really a thing anymore (just don't tell our mom, who still "mapquests" things all the time).

Ah, 2001 was so sweet.

For almost every Naked Philly post, we use Google Maps to help tell the story. Whether it's using the Streetview function to explore the surrounding area or the Time Machine function to peek into a property's past, Google Maps is constantly filling in missing information for us. If you've ever used Streetview, you know that it involves dropping pegman, a yellow figure that looks like he was taken from a mens' room sign, onto the map to select the area you wish to explore. A few days ago though, we realized that pegman has been usurped by Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Pegman has turned into Link

Link is walking around near City Hall!

According to Tech Crunch, Link is only visiting Google Maps for a couple more days so if you'd like to check him out yourself you should do so posthaste. And if this inspires you to bust out your old NES for a walk down memory lane, so much the better.