Developers Callahan Ward will need to satisfy the regulatory eye of the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association if they want to build four new single homes on North Lawrence Street.

The proposal for 823-825 N. Lawrence St. seeks to build two homes fronting N. Lawrence and two homes fronting N. Leithgow. A one-story garage would be demolished to make room for the new homes, which would be constructed just north of the first phase of the Duck Flats project. But developers will have to negotiate some design changes with neighbors in order to fit more into the model the NLNA zoning committee has for building its neighborhood.

Garage is on the outs

“We didn't like the garages on Lawrence Street,” said Larry Freedman, NLNA zoning chair.

Callahan Ward has built a number of projects in the area and in the process has developed a growing relationship with the NLNA. So each knows how to work with the other. Such was the case earlier this winter at 405-45 St. John Nuemann Way. There, an initial proposal for eight new single-family homes was reduced to seven after meetings with the community group.

Looking north up Lawrence Street. More homes coming across the street.

Across the street is a project that will involve the construction of seventeen new homes. Nearby, a project is now underway at 826 N. 3rd St. that will build 20 new homes, and features a drive aisle behind the homes. It's another example of how developers, this time National Realty Investment Advisors, worked for over a year with the NLNA working out the finer points of the project. Considering the much smaller scale on Lawrence Street, it seems likely that developers, neighbors and the NLNA will be able to reach consensus a little more quickly.