After years of planning, the first few homes of the massive Stables project rose at the corner of Bodine & George a little over a year ago. After the three modular homes were delivered and assembled, the project sat pretty much untouched for many months, until earlier this year when two additional rows of homes were framed out immediately to the north. Interestingly, these eighteen homes were built using stick construction. But while the additional rows of homes were going up, the first row of foundations, next to the modular homes, continued to sit. Until recently, that is.

The first three with four more now framed

Additional rows of homes

Over the past several weeks, four additional homes have been framed out in the first row of the Stables. Like the two rows to the north and unlike the three homes to the west, these homes are being built using stick construction. This gives us the sense that the last foundation will also be occupied by a structure built using stick construction. You read that right, the last structure. Singular.

Project rendering from Plumbob.

The Stables project will be completed with the construction of a double-wide single family home on the corner of American & George, assuming the developers get the variance they're seeking. We would have to imagine that this home already has a buyer, and that the price will far exceed $1M. We'll be curious to see how quickly the rest of the homes in this development sell, as they're all be coming onto the market pretty much at the same time. Should be interesting.