What exactly is coming to the current Lucky 7 location at 25th and Aspen Sts.? An upscale dining locale? An uppity subterranean speak-easy type bar? A CVS?

Though Lucky 7 continues to be in business, an application for the transfer of liquor license to a new owner appeared at Lucky 7 back in August. Those new owners, Restaurant Destination Group, Inc., are the same folks behind the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co., the high-end prohibition-era style cocktail bar and restaurant near Rittenhouse.

Does that mean drinks like the 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Punch or the Sweet 16 in Leather Boots are Fairmount bound?

Lucky 7’s owner, Jud Derholf, said it was too early to comment, and added things were still in the negotiations stage. The lawyer on the application, Edward Taraskus, also had nothing to say for now. We’re hearing rumors that the new ownership group will include Mr. Derholf, by the way.

Whatever happens, the trend of new bar/restaurant openings in Fairmount continues. In the past two months, news about two different Mexican eateries surfaced. And by the end of this month, details about the ground-floor dining location at the development at Fairmount Avenue and Uber Streets we informed you of earlier this summer, should become public, according to developer Bill Loonstyn, Jr.

In like fashion, at Fare, the organic kitchen that opened this summer at Corinthian and Fairmount, people continue to fill its seats all week long.

At The Franklin, “a stiff drink and a tuneful horn co-mingle,” as it says on its website. “Bartenders are artists. Above all, The Franklin is a beacon for those who feel that a dram of alcohol is not meant as merely a vessel for intoxication, but a sensory experience all its own.”

We wonder whether, if this new location is similar to the Franklin, Fairmount crowds used to domestics and microbrews will buy into the style of drinks. Because the Rich Kid Blues, a mix of cognac, maraschino liqueur, house ginger syrup, fresh orange and lemon juices and blackberry served in a flute with champagne, is a bit different than Stoli and Cranberry in a plastic cup. But who knows? Tastes, like bar locations, have a tendency to evolve.

–Lou Mancinelli