Fairmount Court 1.0

There is currently a good deal of construction activity going on at 24th and Brown Sts., with ten houses going up that are collectively named Fairmount Court 2.0. A couple of years ago, ten houses were built at N. Ringgold and Brown Sts., which sold for between $600K and $800K+, depending on finishes. With all of those properties sold, the developer, 800 N 24th St. Association, has set out to build a sister development.


Looking up 24th St., image is from about a month ago. Buildings on the left are rears of Fairmount Court 1.0

More recent photo. They're working quickly.

In the past month, construction has moved along briskly. A month ago, only the first two houses were being framed, now four houses are up with facades on the first two. More good news for the developer: All four houses of those houses are already under contract in the high $600K’s. This should help move things along to continue building the development, and hopefully for the near neighbors, complete the construction process quickly.


Bays on every other house

Like Fairmount Court 1.0, these houses will have bay windows on every other house. Buyers don’t seem to mind this look, and it actually works pretty well on the Ringgold St. side. The bays on 24th St. will be a different color and material than those on the other side.

A look at the complete development

Three houses in the middle of the row are currently listed for sale in the low-mid $700K’s. Take a look here. Or here. This is just speculation, but we figure that the last three closest to Brown St. will probably be listed a little higher when they go on the market. This development is good for the surrounding neighborhood and especially the local businesses- so much is going on in Fairmount right now, business owners have got to be ecstatic.

The thing that we’re stuck on is what used to be at this corner. We just can’t remember- anyone out there who does?